How to get published as a doll artist?


Seeing your own work in the glossy pages of a beautiful magazine. Tempting, isn't it? I'd thought it would get me ages to achieve something like that. Nowadays it really seems that only artists with a huge following on social media, managers and connections gain such opportunities. But this belief is far from the truth. Continue to read and find out how to get published as a doll artist!

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Today I'll talk about just one magazine. Mostly because it's available internationally and I believe it's a staple for every doll artist to look into at least once. "Art Doll Quarterly" by Stampington & Company is an incredible 130-ish page publication which is open to doll artists of all abilities! Let's see what do you have to do to get your own page among the many fascinating artists from all over the world.

1. Create an art doll for one of their challenges

It really is that easy! Go here to see the ongoing challenges, choose one or more which would reflect your dolls the best and start creating. They always have four challenges to choose from so there's something there for everyone. This magazine comes out four times a year it means you might need to wait a few months to get accepted and published but it's really worth the wait!

Art doll quarterly magazine adelepo

2. Take the best pictures you can

This step is crucial! Read the guide they provide and make sure you meet all the guidelines. It might be a little bit different from how you usually shoot your dolls. If you feel uncomfortable or not prepared to take the pictures yourself, try to find a friend who is more tech savvy or owns a better camera. Also, there's an option to send the whole doll to the Stampington & Company so they could photograph it for you, but I recommend trying to take the pictures yourself.

3. Send the pictures and information

Save the pictures to the CD, write a short paragraph about your doll, yourself, materials you've used and send it to the Stampington & Company. If I remember correctly, the confirmation that I've been accepted arrived within a month or so. After my doll was published, they even sent me a free copy of the magazine which I cherish to this day!

art doll quarterly certificate

As you can see everyone can get published as a doll artist. My experience was so pleasant that I remember it vividly even the year after! Talking about the magazine itself, it is printed on a very good quality paper and contains lots of pictures. It's fun to flick through and keep it on your coffee table. But most importantly, it's fun to read it too! You'll find long articles about talented doll artists, enjoyable tutorials, challenges, lists of conventions or exhibitions and other entertaining stuff. You can get your subscription here.

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