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I’m Adelė, doll maker, and artist in my twenties, living in Lithuania – the land of possibilities where I can create dolls and make a living from it! Stay around if you’re interested in the uncommon art of dolls, curious to see materials, behind the scenes and real struggles or accomplishments in a daily life of a doll artist.

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In 2013 I became a part of the magical world of art dolls. My journey began in Vilnius art academy where I studied set design and puppet theatre. While studying was a great adventure, in real life after a few plays as a set designer, I knew that this path is not for me so I plunged myself into interior dolls. At that time I couldn’t imagine how my life will change after this decision. And here I am, talking to you as a full-time artist, who’s building her career from the ground up. I guess anything is possible, huh?


My dolls are more than just a decoration because every one of them has a story to tell. I bring a unique tale in a little creature. Every costume, every lock of hair, every tiny detail is telling you how special and exclusive this art doll is. I love the feeling when the doll is completed, wrapped up with a ribbon and a hand written story. It’s like another page added to my creation journey. I hope that you can see and feel the same passion, joy, and love for life in my dolls like I do.

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One of my greatest passion over the years is to help other doll artists and hobbyists to follow their dreams in doll making world. I love to create tutorials and step-by-step guides to share my knowledge and give back to the doll makers' community. Visit my blog to find helpful articles and start making dolls! If you seek individual consultations and need a gentle push towards your goals, consider joining my dolls making classes. More than 100 students already learning the techniques I discovered over the years.

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