Plush dolls

Round faces, blushing cheeks, and sparkling eyes – looking at you grinning. Soft to the touch and amusing to look at, these whimsical dolls can become a lovely companion for children and adults alike. Settle one on your desk or bookshelf and you'll have one more reason to smile every day.

Art dolls

One of a kind art dolls that got me started this incredible journey! Sculpted from air-dry clays, enhanced with detailed costumes and hand-painted faces. I've created more than twenty dolls over the years but now progressed to the porcelain doll making. Because of that, I'm passing along my knowledge in doll making classes so it won't be lost forever!

Porcelain dolls


I've started working on my first porcelain doll since late 2016. It was definitely a dream come true. Because this art form is so different from the dolls I've used to create, I've decided to create a new brand. "Nymphai Dolls" are porcelain ball-jointed dolls sculpted, painted and assembled by hand, not using any digital designing methods or 3D printing techniques. Fired at 1220°C (2228°F) these beauties will endure a lifetime if properly maintained. Costumed with hand sewed changeable garments and magnetic wig, "Nymphai Dolls" is an extraordinary artwork that you can play with!