varnish and gloss

To preserve your beautiful dolls and save them from harmful environmental factors you must use varnish/sealant. It not just protect your dolls but if you'll make a mistake you won't need to start over - sealed layers will remain intact when wiping the paints with water. Also, the varnish will help to build bright colours if you're using soft pastels.


Varnish / sealant

If you're making clay dolls you can use almost any matt spray acrylic varnish. Some of the sealants might damage the resin dolls, but with clay you just pretty much want to seal your work and almost all matt sealants are good for that. If you want the best of the best, try Mr. Super Clear. It can be a little bit pricier and not available in every country, but if you have access to it, this sealant is very good! Bellow, you'll find some other alternatives.

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When you apply matt sealant, everything is protected but at the same time looks a little bit dull. So to bring back the shine to the eyes apply acrylic gloss. I use it for the lips as well! If you don't really want to invest into acrylic gloss, extra shiny top coat for nail polish will do just fine.

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