Sewing supplies

I love sewing costumes for dolls! There are so many variables in the sewing world so I won't talk about fabrics or threads. You can read a little bit about the fabrics in my article about costumes. The most common question I get is what sewing machine and needles for bead embroidery I use. But if you want to know more about certain sewing supplies, let me know, I'll try to add them here!

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Sewing Machine

Even though I sew with hands quite a lot, especially small details, I can't imagine sewing without a sewing machine. I use pretty simple Singer Inspiration 4210. It does the job well and if you're sewing just dolls it'll be more than enough! Unfortunately, this model is discontinued so I find a few alternatives for you.

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Thin needles for beading

All costumes that my dolls wear are decorated with beads. I love using seed beads because of the tiny scale. They look so great on small dolls! For that, you'll need very thin big eye needles or English beading needles - when the eye of the needles is not bigger than the needle itself.

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