Decorations for dolls

Decorating is my favourite part of costume making. All those tiny details, laces, beads, rhinestones, embroidery is such rewarding process! I believe that decorative details help to highlight the character features of your doll. It helps to tell a story as well. Just after decorating my dolls thoroughly, I know that they're complete.

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All of my dolls feature some kind of beading on their costumes. I'm using seed beads the most, but there's such huge variety of different beads that you can use. I recommend purchasing beads in your local shops where you can see true colour, size, opacity and so on. However, if you don't have jewellery supply shop anywhere near you, buying online is a good alternative.

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Metal details

Metal details look so cool on dolls. Usually, it's quite hard to find something that will fit the scale of your doll. I like to use jewellery supplies, little pendants, filigree metal parts, chains or metal sequins.

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Another favourite of mine! Lace brings this dreamy mood to the doll's costume. Because you can find lace that is really small scale, it's just perfect for dolls. With lace, I like to decorate edges, create applications and embroider them with beads!

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