Air-dry clays for doll making

There are a lot of great clays for doll making out there. I personally love working with air-dry clays which are smooth, lightweight, easy to crave and sand. Over the past five years I've tried a lot of clays so here's my TOP 3! If you want to read a more thorough review about these clays, check out this article.

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La doll clay for dolls.jpg

"La doll"

I use this clay the most! It's very smooth and easy to work with. Sands like a dream and keeps its white colour after drying. Because of the fine texture, this clay is suitable for delicate work like eyes, lips and fingers.

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This is actually my favourite clay, but it's harder to get hold of for me. Because of that, I tend to use it just for small details like face or feet and use "La Doll" for larger areas. This clay is even more smooth and white than "La Doll" but comes in smaller packages for the same price. 

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Creative paperclay for doll making.jpg

"Creative Paperclay"

"Creative Paperclay" was the first air-dry clay I've tried. And to this day I really love how easy it is to work with. This clay is super friendly to beginners! The only thing why I like "La Doll" a little bit better is the texture. Paperclay, unlike stone clays like "La Doll", contains fibres that are quite visible and harder to sand to the very smooth finish. Despite that, it's still is a magnificent clay!

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