Brushes for painting and sculpting

If you've read a few of my articles, you might already know that I use brushes not just for painting but for sculpting as well. Yes, that's right! Soft brushes for watercolours are great for smoothing out air-dry clay in hard to reach areas. Also, I use them when I need to do minor changes during sculpting and all of my tools are too rough for that. Surely, the brushes are irreplaceable for painting dolls too. Just make sure to keep them apart. They have a tendency to wear off pretty quickly, so use painting brushes just for painting, sculpting brushes for sculpting and you'll enjoy them longer.

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thin brushes for doll painting

Thin brushes

It's essential to have a few thin brushes if you're a doll maker. I can't imagine how I could achieve feathered eyebrows or tiny light reflections in the eyes! When choosing a thin brush, pay attention to the length of the bristles. Sometimes I find it easier to create thin lines with longer bristles, so I suggest to get a few different ones to see which works for you!

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Flat brushes for doll making

Flat brushes

Flat brushes are great when you need to cover the whole area with paint. For example, painting your doll with white paint before blushing. I tend to choose soft bristle brushes because they don't leave harsh strokes which can look rough on smaller dolls.

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