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3 first steps to help you create the best dolls

There are a lot of imperceptible steps in the doll making process. Some of them are pretty simple, like finding the right materials, but others could take an extremely long time. Nevertheless, this invisible work is just as much important as your dolls face-up or detailed costume. Today I’m gonna talk about creative process between an abstract idea and finished technical drawing. Those are very first steps of the doll making which will determine how your finished piece will look like. This system is a blend of many hours reading about doll making, analyzing all kinds of dolls and creating my own techniques. I’ve been using this method for years for my own dolls. I hope it’ll help you in your creative journey!

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Tools that will help you achieve the best results

Finally, the second article in "Doll making series" - introductory series for my "Doll making classes". You've already learned about the best air dry clays for doll sculpting and now wondering what you'll need to start making dolls? Or maybe you're in the hunt for some new tools? If that's the case, I've got you covered! Today I'll talk about the tools I use on a daily basis for over three years now. This gear includes items who have stood the test of time, remained extremely useful throughout changes in my dolls style and helped me get better in what I do.

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What clay I use?

From all dry clays I tried, this is the best one so far. I’m using it for almost a year now and I actually see the improvement in my work. Especially in faces, with this clay I’m able to sculpt the tiniest details thoroughly. Delicate elements like eyes, lips or nose, which aren’t bigger than a centimetre in my dolls, sculpts with ease. If you’re a doll artist and you never tried this clay before, I strongly recommend you to do so. It may change your work, like it did mine.

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