3 greatest fears I face every day


One of most asked question I get is “Was I afraid to start working for myself?” I guess I was a little, but disappointing job, unfulfilled dreams and dissatisfaction scares me more. I’m not trying to deny that I’m never afraid and like some sort of superwoman strongly march trough the world. All those doubts come to me pretty often. Understanding and supporting people around me help a lot. I have to work with myself too and carry a constant reminder to be courageous in life and work. I believe some of these fears will be familiar to you as well. Maybe we can beat them together?

3 greatest fears I face every day.jpg


This one is pretty often in all sort of activities. I think I overcame this horror when I've left my full-time job. It was the most joyful and scary experience at the same time. Finally be able to pursue my dreams in art dolls world was a definition of happiness for me. But even at those cheerful moments, the fear of failure was close. What if no one cares about my dolls? What if I can’t handle all those responsibilities? Does it even important or it’s just in my head? These and many more crazy thoughts were spinning in my head. So what did I do? I just jumped into my new life and tried to resolve one fear at the time. Do you think no one would care about your art? Think again. There are more than 7 billion people in the world I bet you can find at least hundred people who will be interested in what you do. At the beginning, a hundred will do just fine. And if I can make a hundred people thrilled to see my art it’s more than enough to start doing it!


Sometimes I can’t avoid money struggles even if I have pretty stable finances. When you’re a fresh self-employed artist the fear of having not enough money is always near. It can be paralyzing, but it can be liberating too. Yes, you heard it right. Turn this fear into driving force. Work as hard as you can, discover all the possibilities how to promote and sell your products. Do everything in your power to avoid life without enough money. Of course planning your budget and having savings helps a lot. But for me the key is to change my point of view and don’t let the fear of being broke held me back.



I think no matter what you do you can’t avoid negative response, especially on the internet. It’s so easy to spill your hate on someone you don’t know. I remember when I got my first negative comment on Facebook. It said something like “You start depression in people with your dolls.” I felt devastated for a minute. But now it’s so funny to remember. I don’t know why that comment had such an impact for me. It’s stupid. I still don’t have an answer how to deal with hate towards my work and it’s pretty rare so I chose to ignore it. And concentrate more on the bright side and nice people.

What do you fear the most? Share with me in the comments.